Welcome to Developmental Phonological Disorders Blog

Welcome to my blog which is intended to contain two kinds of posts:  occasional postings on topics related to phonological development and disorders or any topics that seem of interest to me and relevance to the speech-language pathology community; other posts, categorized as “teaching”,  will be specifically related to the book “Rvachew, S. & Brosseau-Lapre, F. (2012). Developmental Phonological Disorders: Foundations of Clinical Practice. Plural Publishing.”; these posts will be a sort of diary of my experiences teaching from the book for the first time in the coming academic year – I invite other instructors to comment and engage with me on the topic of teaching students about phonological (or speech sound) disorders in this space. A seperate page will contain a running list of errors in the book as we find them as well as downloads of figures and other resources that can be used in teaching.

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